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my messy electronics area

I am back !!!! Thanks for all the love and likes of my last post, thanks for the support . Means a lot


Here I go again, part 2 where I had electronics items such as cords, phone cases usb aka junk drives . Or other things I had, I’ll be listing later, I had soft into when organize into piles , so I knew where It was going. So here’s how I broken it down for my items


  • Others ( parts , broken selfie stick,)
  • Wii parts ( I had two boxes)
  • Wires ( such as chargers , usb cords)
  • Computer wires
  • Plug ins
  • Holiday’s lights and other lights
  • batteries ( I have rechargeable ones )
  • Ifit watch, chargers and bands
  • Cal
  • Ds 3d, charger
  • Phone cases
  • Ds games
  • Usb ( junk drive)
  • Phones ( yes I am a phone hoard)
  • Charger top ( thing that plugs into outlet)




For this part 2 of organizing of my room, I bought and use these type of the boxes for this.


  • Basic shoeboxes ( see though, I did get different type though)
  • Cd box
  • 3 tower box
  • Large storage box



I think I really depends on the person and what they trying to organizing also. This really work out for me, for that section of my room, and I see everything and know where they. Were at now, instead trying to remember to find where I put that, which make my life easier and hope these tips and what experican I am sharing with you. Helps you out also



Remember if this autism girl can do it, you can do it also!!!



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