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rant – andy serkis Oscar diss

So this is my rant about Andy Serkis not getting nominated best actor or director. For his movie breath or his part of war for planet of apes. Talking about the excitement I had for the Oscars and was destroyed when I found out. And talk about how they vote, apparently they’re all idiots. And what I think of the whole mess and my thoughts, enjoy my rant
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blogging for a year challenge

I have challenge myself to blog every day of the year, you may ask why? Autism girl, one reason to better myself and discover myself deeper. 2th reason to share my love for many different things to other people and share tips I have discover in my 25 years I have lived. 3th reason, is to share that an autism person can have a normal life and be like everyone else. And share you’re not alone with autism or anxiety disorder.

 So here I go – autism girl