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Back again, this time with the new blog post all about filing and sorting out paperwork. Paperwork and paperwork, we all hated it piles up and we don’t know what to do with it. Here’s my guidelines and rules to help you get rid of your paperwork,
  • If it’s five years old there right away
  • you can’t read what’s on it there throw it away
  • From high school and middle school and it’s just homework or classwork you did throw it away you won’t need it
After sorting it into piles, if you have files start labeling them and then put them somewhere or you want to put them. In a box , file box and that’s at and when you need something you can find it easily. Next time and remember if this autistic girl can do it you can too19576667_355225718229978_271496397_o
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side box, smaller box

I’m back with another blog post, I had found these really cute smaller boxes. I love the teal color on them, so small if you don’t have enough stuff to put in there it’s perfect for you. For my stuff I sorted the boxes into three things, Remote controllers, and things ¬†for my printer and naill things also. Now sorted I know where everything is at right now, and that’s it for the blog post. Remember if this all just a girl can do it you can too