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part 3 :shelf

Autistic girl is back… here’s part threes to my room, pretty much my small pile is shrinking. I am so excited, finally getting organized room….about time right guys, Here I go now… I cleaned out the old cabinet that was falling apart in my room. Inside I had like sticky notes, other office supplies, and a couple things I got from work.


Markers, pens , and pencils , colored pencils and  highlighters. Paperwork, a couple Christmas decorations and I had shoved a nail products printer stuff and some some remote controllers. So I I pretty much broke it down, into different boxes and  sections. Just really depends on the person for me I try to keep all the office supplies together in the pencils and other items you . would do use in office, i’m really really love these three tower boxes. I gotten three this time, got the boxes just have like pencils and other things.


One has sticky notes, things I get from work, and other office supplies such as erasers and a mini stapler. Right now I have them in my closet until I move them to the proper place. This is goodbye until next time, remember if that’s autistic girl can do it you can do it to.